How to Add Newness to Victorian Style Furniture?

November 7, 2017 Posted by kyu7

We all have Victorian style furniture at home and though the style does not have a substitute but at times they start looking so old that we begin to think about disposing them off. Remember that Victorian age is known for its style and beauty so never give up on anything that belongs to that period. If your ‘chest of drawers’ looks old, try to renew it by painting it. Here is how you can do it:

You need: Chest of drawers; coarse sandpaper; fine sandpaper; paint stripper, if needed; tack cloth; paint brushes; latex primer; latex paint (two colors, your choice); water-based polyurethane; miter box; wood molding, pencil; 1” x 6” pine, length equal to top back edge of the chest (backsplash); wood glue; galvanized finishing nails; decorative wood drawer pulls.

To Do:

Remove all hardware. Clean chest with a damp cloth. If chest is completely painted, paint over, or strip existing paint with stripper before painting. To remove old, flaking paint, sand patches with coarse sandpaper until areas is smooth to the touch. Finish with fine sandpaper over same area until satisfied with smoothness of chest surface. Dust off with the tack cloth.

Painting Chest:

Prime. (You may need two coats.) Let dry. Paint at least two coats of lighter shades of latex paint, drying between coats.

Preparing Molding: using the miter box, measure/cut strips of molding to create borders on each drawer, approximately 1 1/2” in from all sides of drawer. Prime/ paint molding with the darker shade of the latex paint; let dry.

Adding Molding: With pencil, lightly transfer molding measurements to drawers, so molding lines up correctly. Then apply wood glue to the back of each piece as you go, brushing on a narrow strip and smoothing it over the back. (don’t over-apply glue or it will ooze out, causing molding to slide out of place.) Glue successive piece of molding to front of chest. Let dry.

Adding Backsplash: Prime/paint pine boards same as chest. Nails, to top back edge of chest.

Preparing Drawer Pulls: Prime/paint drawer pulls same as molding strips.

Affixing Drawer Pulls: Glue on or drill holes, then screw pulls to drawers.

Finishing Chest: touch up pencil or scuff marks with paint; let dry. Apply at least two coats of polyurethane, letting dry between applications.

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