How to Add Newness to Victorian Style Furniture?

We all have Victorian style furniture at home and though the style does not have a substitute but at times they start looking so old that we begin to think about disposing them off. Remember that Victorian age is known for its style and beauty so never give up on anything that belongs to that period. If your ‘chest of drawers’ looks old, try to renew it by painting it. Here is how you can do it:

You need: Chest of drawers; coarse sandpaper; fine sandpaper; paint stripper, if needed; tack cloth; paint brushes; latex primer; latex paint (two colors, your choice); water-based polyurethane; miter box; wood molding, pencil; 1” x 6” pine, length equal to top back edge of the chest (backsplash); wood glue; galvanized finishing nails; decorative wood drawer pulls.

To Do:

Remove all hardware. Clean chest with a damp cloth. If chest is completely painted, paint over, or strip existing paint with stripper before painting. To remove old, flaking paint, sand patches with coarse sandpaper until areas is smooth to the touch. Finish with fine sandpaper over same area until satisfied with smoothness of chest surface. Dust off with the tack cloth.

Painting Chest:

Prime. (You may need two coats.) Let dry. Paint at least two coats of lighter shades of latex paint, drying between coats.

Preparing Molding: using the miter box, measure/cut strips of molding to create borders on each drawer, approximately 1 1/2” in from all sides of drawer. Prime/ paint molding with the darker shade of the latex paint; let dry.

Adding Molding: With pencil, lightly transfer molding measurements to drawers, so molding lines up correctly. Then apply wood glue to the back of each piece as you go, brushing on a narrow strip and smoothing it over the back. (don’t over-apply glue or it will ooze out, causing molding to slide out of place.) Glue successive piece of molding to front of chest. Let dry.

Adding Backsplash: Prime/paint pine boards same as chest. Nails, to top back edge of chest.

Preparing Drawer Pulls: Prime/paint drawer pulls same as molding strips.

Affixing Drawer Pulls: Glue on or drill holes, then screw pulls to drawers.

Finishing Chest: touch up pencil or scuff marks with paint; let dry. Apply at least two coats of polyurethane, letting dry between applications.

Finding The Right Cabinet Hardware Style For Your Kitchen

You have made an important decision to remodel your kitchen and make it functional and inviting for friends and family. Now it is up to you to decide exactly what kind of look do you want and the type of cabinet hardware that will fit your style? Are you wanting one that is traditional, country, or contemporary (Modern, Retro Modern)? You will most likely find that the right style for you will probably be the one that will harmonize with the design of your house from the inside and out. If you have architecture which is classical, a formal look may be the right choice for you. Country styles seem to suit people who enjoy a casual and relaxed lifestyle. The contemporary, modern and retro modern look and design will be a good choice if you like clean lines, minimalistic layouts and a minimum amount of accessorizing.

A Traditional Kitchen

When you have chosen the look you what for you kitchen or bathroom, you will find that the cabinets and the cabinet hardware set the stage. In traditional kitchens and bathrooms, where the ambiance is elegant, gracious, and just a little bit formal, you will find cabinets are most commonly crafted of rich, gleaming woods, usually cherry or mahogany or any wood stained to resemble them. Ivory, or white painted cabinets are another frequent choice, but the key to the cabinets is a rich, glossy finish and the look of fine furniture. For the cabinet door style, choose a raised panel design and such architectural details as crown moldings and other millwork. One of the reasons for the popularity of the traditional kitchen is its gracious style its timelessness and the fact that it is unaffected by design trends that come and go. There are so many finish styles of cabinet hardware drawer pulls that can match the traditional kitchen or bathroom. Some of our most favorites are: Oil Rubbed Bronze drawer pulls, Antique Bronze drawer pulls, Weathered Brass, Rustic Brass, and Wrought Iron drawer pulls.

A Country Kitchen

Some kitchen designers and other industry experts in the cabinet field theorize that we love the country look because it recalls all of the warmth of grandmas kitchen. The county kitchen conjures up so many romantic notions of the keeping rooms of old, or simply links us to what we believe was a simpler, gentler time. Whatever the reason is that we love the country kitchen, this is one of the most popular styles, and and gives such a great opportunity for personal expression. The country kitchen is informal and relaxed, and it is a good choice for a casual lifestyle. Because the look of wear and tear is so desirable in the country kitchen, it suits busy families and active kitchens, too. It is best to build your country kitchen around wood cabinets in a natural stain, a weathered or bleached finish, or a even add cheerful paint color such as deep red. Neither elegance nor sleekness (as most commonly seen in the contemporary style) is the goal; so mismatched cabinets, freestanding unfitted pieces, or open shelves filled with dishes are the norm. There are many offshoots of this basic look – English country, cottage, Victorian, and arts and crafts, to name a few. If you are the country kitchen type, one of these variations is sure to please you.

A Contemporary Kitchen

The contemporary or modern design and style had its origins at the end of the nineteenth century. This era is when artist, architects, painters and designers rebelled against the cluttered design sensibility that prevailed throughout the most of the Victorian era. Their rebellion manifested in simplicity and the use of natural materials such as wood, metal and other uncut materials. As the contemporary look and feel evolved, it continued to emphasize natural materials but sooner or later became more and more streamlined and sophisticated. Between the 1970’s and 1980’s, when newly emerging technology was imparting the culture, a high tech look was starting to pop up in many kitchens. These designs fancied sleek and hard edges. This look was extremely articulated in the neutral tones of stainless steel, stone, and glass. The kitchens of this era looked almost like laboratories or doctors offices. Although contemporary or modern style of those days remains pared down for the most part, this style has started to make a significant comeback in our day and age.

Can the Queen Anne Style Translate Into a Patio Dining Set?

A patio dining set is the ultimate summer accessory, and like a piece of clothing it can convey many looks. Some are modern, some old-fashioned and they are made from many different materials, like wicker, resin and wood. The Queen Anne style of design is often used in traditional Amish woodworking, and is actually an offshoot of the William and Mary style, but also closely resembles much of the traditional Oriental aesthetic.

It refers back to Queen Anne, the ruler of England from 1702-1714, and embodies a refined and graceful appearance.

In general, the characteristics of a Queen Anne patio set and other items of furniture are as follows: a fiddle-shaped backrest, batwing shaped drawer pulls (in dressers, cabinets, etc.) and cabriole legs that end in a claw or block shape. The resulting look is one of old-world elegance and luxury.

Legs and Feet

The cabriole style legs of these seats are carved with elaborate detailing, with a curved knee and ending in those old-fashioned looking feet you often see in old bathtubs. Among the carvings are the acanthus leaf and seashell motifs. The foot itself takes a number of forms. The ball and claw is a carved claw foot grasping a ball; the block is flat-surfaced; the bun is rounded but flatter than a ball; the Drake is a simply carved animal paw; finally, the pad is a simple, carved foot.


The seat of a Queen Anne chair is rounded or features a horseshoe shape, with a curved or serpentine front.

The arms of these chairs are curved slightly outward, while the backrest, a fiddle-shape with a central splat, is either left plain or upholstered. For outdoor use, what you think of upholstery would actually be detachable waterproof cushions, less elegant, but much more practical for care and cleaning.

Cushion Fabric

For use indoors, or even in a sunroom, you can go with the delicate and beautiful fabrics for which Queen Anne style is best known. These include chintz, velvet, damask, tapestry, needlepoint and crewel. Once again, for outdoor use, any of these materials are wrong for the job. The cushions for a patio dining set need to be made from durable, waterproof materials like Sunbrella, which is resistant to tears, fades and stains.


The Queen Anne style is almost exclusively made from wood, as it was originally. The woods used were many and varied by region and use. They included the following: ash, cherry, black walnut, maple and elm. Although some of these are usable outdoors, many of the softer woods are not hearty enough to withstand the elements. Look for sturdier hardwoods like teak, cedar and cypress for use in your patio dining set. Whatever the wood, make sure it is covered with a lacquer, oil varnish or wax. In addition to regular cleaning, the wood will most likely need to be re-oiled every couple of years.

How To Choose And Install Kitchen Hardware To Enhance Design

Kitchen hardware creates the finishing touch to your cabinetry and the entire space in general. Even though it could be the very last thing you get to think about, it can greatly influence the feel and the look of the kitchen as a whole. The hardware choices you make for your kitchen cabinets and how you have it installed can determine the experience you have when using the kitchen. This is especially considering that you will be touching the hardware most times during the day and functionality should therefore play a great role.

Choosing the hardware

The budget should be amongst the things that guide you to kitchen cabinet hardware or furniture hardware that you need. Truth is the market has plenty of options in terms of the materials used in making the hardware and this can determine the prices of the pieces you are interested in. Solid, strong metal knobs for instance, are heavier and durable but can be a little expensive compared to plastic ones. Look at your budget but at the same time give attention to the functionality and value you get.

Choose a hardware style that befit your kitchen. You can use pulls on all items in the kitchen if you are more into a modern contemporary look or use pulls for drawers and knobs for the doors for your traditional kitchen. When looking at the options, also consider factors such as functionality of the hardware you choose on things such as tall wall cabinets or pantry cabinets. The looks do matter, but they should not compromise functionality of the hardware. With so many options readily available, you will definitely find something that works for your style preferences.

The finish cannot be ignored when looking at your kitchen hardware. The rest of the items in the kitchen can guide you in choosing the best finishes such as the metals on major appliances you have, fixtures faucets and sink among other items. The hardware finish will work best when it coordinates with the rest of the items or you can also settle for striking contrasts that make your space unique.

Installing the hardware

Ensure you have the right tools to make the installations or have a professional handle it for you. Poor installation will not only lead to poorly functioning hardware but can lead to damages.

Choose a hardware location that best serves the needs you have and you are most comfortable with. Hardware installed across the flat line of the center panel can work best for raised center panel cabinetry doors whereas flat center panel cabinetry doors gives you freedom to place the hardware anywhere at the top or bottom.

Use at least two knobs for larger drawers to make drawing easy and swift for you. You can determine how many knobs to use by the size of the drawer but they should be more than two because then one becomes useless.